Need a transcript of your tax returns from the IRS?

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There are several reasons why you may want to see the transcripts of your actual tax returns. Maybe you need a record of wages and other income earned, a record of payments, penalties, interest, etc. Even if you have a copy of your return, some applications including mortgages or financial aid may require a transcript instead.

The IRS suggests everyone keep a copy of their tax returns going back at least three years. This comes in handy if you need to amend a previous return or need exact information from the return. But what happens if you can’t find a copy, didn’t file with a tax prep software that kept a copy, or didn’t keep one yourself?

Did you know you can get it directly from the IRS? Yes, of course there is a fee, but only if the transcript is older than three years!
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For more info on transcript types:

When Should the IRS Have a Transcript Available for Request?

Get Transcript FAQs:

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